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We are a multi-format advertising network with a presence in over 240 countries. Our goal is to provide both advertisers and publishers with a self-service platform for launching, managing, and analyzing campaigns, monetization processes, and, most importantly, maximizing revenue. We are constantly creating new tools to help us work more efficiently.

Our Stack

The project is built on Golang services that run on bare metal across the globe. Data is stored in PostgreSQL and Clickhouse, and everything is monitored using ELK.

Who we are looking for

We are currently seeking a Backend Go Developer to join our fantastic team at Clickadu. You will collaborate with three autonomous XP teams comprised of front-end, DevOPS, and back-end engineers, with the goal of presenting simple solutions to complex problems. In this role, you will collaborate closely with excellent engineers to support and develop applications that are under load (500k+ QPS). We enjoy writing high-quality, user-friendly code, and we hope you do as well!


• 3+ years of experience working as a Go developer.
• Proficient with the Go programming language and its paradigms,
• Expertise in the development of distributed applications
• Experience with popular Go web frameworks like FastHttp, Revel, and router packages.
• Experience with relational and column-oriented databases like HP Vertica/Clickhouse and PostgreSQL/MySQL
• Solid understanding and extensive experience with version control tools like Git
• Understanding of agile methodologies

Your CV will be considered in English only.

The condition:
• is English at intermediate and higher level
• for foreigners is permanent residence or EU citizenship.



Detaily o pracovním místě:
Firma: Clickadu s.r.o.
Okres Praha
Odvětví práce Programátor
Pracovní pozice Programmer Golang
Směnnost práce plný úvazek
Nástup do práce od: IHNED
Nabízená mzda: neuvedeno
Nabídka přidána: 26. 11. 2021
Pracovní pozice aktivní
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